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Feedback on our photography courses.

Don't take our word for it! Here is what some of the people on previous photography courses thought about our photography courses, masterclasses and tutors:

  • “The masterclass was terrific and hugely informative – and a lot of fun. I came away greatly inspired to try new techniques.” Polly Evans
  • “Chris, Nick and Terry give you all their personal experiences and tips so that you leave feeling you’re an expert too. All that and such fun too. And they don’t mind if you have a box brownie or a Hasselblad.” Rosita Sherrard
  • “Many thanks for an illuminating masterclass. I had forgotten how much there still is to learn about the picture building process. I was especially surprised by how little I knew about editing my own work. Learning that in itself was monumental and I've now put some sparkle back into my existing portfolio.” Martin Hartley – professional adventure photographer & winner - Human Spirit - TPOTY 2005
  • “Excellent - you have really inspired me and helped me to see images that have the potential selling power to balance the more specialist wildlife pics that I love to take. Thank you.” Nicky Jenner – semi-pro wildlife photographer & winner - Natural World - in TPOTY 2005
  • “This was a fantastic class! I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in photography as an amateur or who plans to approach photography in a more serious way. We learnt a lot. “Critique” exercises, where all the group members were invited to provide comments on the photos of one of the group members, were particularly useful as we learned to “see” many things from different perspectives and pay attention to things we hadn't thought would be worth paying attention to. Very open and friendly discussions. People came to learn from Chris and Nick as well as from other group members! And we had lots of fun!” Ekaterina Alexandrova
  • “This workshop is a ‘must' for travel photographers, whether you want to realise your full potential or have only taken a few ‘travel' photos and want to improve. As far as I know, it is the only one that specifically tackles these topics. In addition, you meet like minded people and share experiences.” Peter Karry– semi-pro photographer and lecturer
  • "The masterclass was amazing and the tutors second to none. I would recommend this photography course to anyone." Rudolf Puchy
  • “I could have sat for another 2 days (or more) just listening to the wealth of knowledge these guys are more than happy to share. Thank you." Gill Taylor

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"Chris and Nick energised and enthused us all. Clear, honest and impartial tuition with passion and motivation - liberating, stimulating, informative, digestible and confidence-building."

Andrew Boddington, course particpant

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