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Short Courses & Workshops

Our programme of short photography workshops and photo courses are mostly shoot based and an affordable way to help you to improve your photography and shoot better images. They're also great if you don't have much spare time.
The day will be structured to help you develop your creative skills. To achieve this we'll also focus on the photographic techniques and the technical aspects of using your camera which will alllow your photography to blossom. If you're not very confident with using your camera this is a good way to familiarise yourself with the important functions used to get more creative images. You'll be surprised how few you need and how much more fun your photography will become. For more experienced photographers, the focus will be on improving your photography as a whole and especially creatively.

Later in each workshop we'll move on to the more creative side of photography, using specific shoots to practice composition, use the light, creative exposure and colour balance to make images with more impact. As we shoot we'll also explore how we can use different lenses and framing in combination with composition and perspective to create more interesting photographs.

Fujifilm have a fantastic range of cameras and lenses. Now they've got together with TPOTY and Photo Iconic to give you the opportunity to try them on our courses and photo tours. If you are interested in getting a new camera or lens, or simply want to try one, you can free of charge.Ask for details when you book and reserve the camera and/or lenses you'd like to try.

Simply because of the limited time available, the one day courses are not as comprehensive as our longer courses but they will still give you a valuable insight into how to get the most from your photography and improve your own images. They will also give you confidence to go out and take more pictures after the workshop in the knowledge that you and your photography will be improving all the time.

On the two day courses we will have more time and the emphasis, especially on the second day, will be on being much more creative with your camera.

“With photography, everything is in the eye and these days I feel young photographers are missing the point a bit.

People always ask about cameras but it doesn't matter what camera you have. You can have the most modern camera in the world but if you don't have an eye, the camera is worthless. Young people know more about modern cameras and lighting than I do.

When I started out in photography I didn't own an exposure meter - I couldn't , they didn't exist! I had to guess”

Alfred Eisenstaedt, photographer

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